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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Litters Past and Present

Samson aka Hercules (Snowy x Johnny '12) Samson aka Hercules (Snowy x Johnny '12) On our way to the airport!! 151206182 Sitting nicely in the airport 151206176 Asleep on the store counter... already a great ambassador for the shop! ;) 151206177 Already taken over the other doggie's bed! 151206180 Apparently this is a comfortable way to sleep?! 151206181 151493533 151493534 Loves to eat leaves! 151493535 151493536 151493537 Finally! A nap! 151493538 Such an angel! 151493539 Samson's favorite sleeping position! (of course, with his favorite toy too!) ;) 151637873 ~10 weeks old 152493130 what a pose! 152493131 Sam in his new Hawaiian shirt!! 152732993 152732994 Merry Christmas!! Love, Samson 171503984 Stop taking pictures of me Mom! 171503985 171503986