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Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Daisey's Legacy

I have added this page more for myself than anyone else. You may want to read on or not. I still can't seem to make sense of losing Daisey and so I am putting her story here so that I can have her sweetness be enjoyed by those who care to read, to share, who have felt the same, who have lost a beloved family member.

We proudly announce the addition of Spirit of Dreams' Imala - Daisey. I knew Daisy had a fabulous pedigree and was the daughter of World Renowned Int Ch and Trialer Gunmarsh Zachary, but was elated to do the research and discover that my darling Daisy and Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme are actually siblings!! Daisey's Sire is a Dual champion - both a Trialer and a Champion in the show ring. It is not common to excel in both; usually dogs are show dogs or are field dogs. And again with a smirk on the spin of American breeders who say that the English possess none of the original field skill the golden was developed for. Really? try telling that to the thousands of gundog enthusiasts who work their animals in Europe!

Daisey came to me as an adult with her sister Daphne. I could see her beauty immediately and her intelligence on the very first day. She would not engage with me at first though and I found that to be so contrary to goldens. I sweet talked her, bribed her, ignored her; everything I could think of to get her to enjoy human company. She refused, uninterested. After about a week of this I felt I had run out of ideas. Finally, Tink and Snowy gave me my idea. They greedily came over for their love and attention and Daisey was sitting nearby, aloof and watching the movements of nature. I made a huge production out of patting Tink and Snowy, who were more than happy to lap it up. If I was willing to really overdo their affections, they were more than happy to comply.

I never glanced at Daisey during this session and it only lasted for about ten or fifteen minutes. The girls had their fun and moved off on the next adventure. I still didn't look at Daisey - didn't want to push it too far. But we had caught her attention. She could not understand what it was I was doing to those two dogs and why on earth they seemed to like it that much. She decided to come on over. I acted casual as she approached, but praying in my mind I might just intuitively find 'the spot'; the favorite place she might enjoy a scratch. I guessed it would be behind her ear. She came over inquisitively (where before I had patted and she walked away - no use for that!) and allowed me to scratch in what was 'her spot'. She liked it! She leaned in and asked for more. I sweet talked to her and she seemed to realize I was talking just for her. She knew this was some kind of connection and I knew too! I had won her over. Not just for me, won her over to people to really thinking people might just be here for her.

That was the start of what was to become a dog who loved people. Always gentle, never insisting, never obnoxious, just there; available for you. She finally adopted the policy of just laying on the floor as her standard greeting. You'd get eye contact with her and she would just compliantly hit the floor revealing her belly for the scratching. She learned that when people came to visit who were new to her, they were generally there to meet her and she was all too happy to greet them with her belly beg!

She loved to hunt lizards, lay in the mud, scout the yard for movement. Every once in a while a flock of geese would fly over head and really capture her attention. Her Sire was a Show and Field Champion and she had latent instincts. Her face was feminine, but her structure strong. Her coat was quite impressive in its length, texture, and soft ness. She figured out in no time that the best 'quarters' in the dog room was the area affectionately called - The Condo. This is the area larger puppies go to from about 6 - 8 weeks so they can be with the big dogs and yet still have a safe large area to roam. During times when no puppies were around, whoever got there first could have it be their very large 'crate' for the evening. Daisey decided that they were the best digs and that no one else seemed to claim it as their own, so she just made darn sure that when the dogs came in from the last outside of the night that she made a bee-line to claim the condo.

We were blessed to love Daisey. To have her for too short a time and watch her bloom. She was a great mom, a pal, and a sweet soul who will remain in my heart forever.

Here is the story as I wrote it the day we lost Daisey. I can't write it again or edit it as it was too hard to get out the first time. I could have said it better - maybe chosen my words more carefully. The point is that after sharing the story with people for only a couple days - the greatness of Daisey's heart became so apparent. Families waiting for her puppies, families who had her puppies, people who I didn't even know; all contacted me to tell me how sad they were to hear her story. In a few days I had heard from over 50 people who she had touched either directly or indirectly. I think its fair to say in looking back that Daisey was holding out until I could realize she was in trouble. She saved her self long enough to save her babies. She wagged her tail - wagged her tail at the Doctor! and was gone in an instant.

December 20th, 2010

In a Horrible/Miraculous circle of life story, that I can barely just even get out - Daisey had her babies last night. It was an emergency and I knew something was not right, so we rushed her to the Emergency Vet for a C-section. She had 7 beautiful puppies, but Daisey died in the process. We are just devastated and shocked and horrified. The babies are huge and healthy and thriving and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. Just before the C-section, she wagged her tail and was gone. The Vet, whom I cannot thank or appreciate enough worked miraculously quickly to save the babies lives. Daisey had been there for less than an hour and the Vet said we were so lucky to have brought her or there would be no good news to the story. We aren't sure what happened other than she just crashed - there was no danger in the situation other than I thought she was just off herself. I am thankful that the Lord gave me the notion to take her to the Vet at the very moment he did.

Her legacy; two boys and four girls. They are the most affectionate, most highly handled and connected with humans I have ever seen in puppies. I am the Mama, more than I ever thought I could possibly be. Adoptive parents of human babies know just what I mean. I did not give birth to those babies, but in every other sense I am their Mama and they know it. Though the whole thing is still just soaked in tragedy for me, in so many ways I know that gaining this very special experience has helped me to grow as a dog lover, breeder, and even as a person. You just don't know what you can get through until you face that challenge and go with it. Luckily I had no choice or I certainly would have given up at three in the morning one of those first nights when the whole thing seemed so unbelievable and impossible. Eventually impossible became possible. 'I just don't know' became maybe. And finally it all became crystal clear and like some nightmare fading away and turning into a bright sunshiny day! I'm pretty sure people, like dogs, can get through anything with a little bit of snuggling.

Campbell had a homework assignment for one of his parents to write a poem. Great - neither one of us is good at poetry. I asked if it had to rhyme or could it be free style? Still not excited about MY homework, I thought of writing a poem for Daisey. Just goes to show you that when you write about something you love - its easy. Who would've thought. Apparently if I was a love forlorn young lass in the 1800's I could've cranked out a whole book! So, here is my poem about Daisey.........

My sweet love.

Came to me unknowing; yet yearning.

Unaware of the world she lived in, but ready to awaken.

Aloof at first.

Then inquisitive to try, to explore.

Realizing at last that people were hers, to love and be loyal.

But tragedy struck.

She gave it her all, but lost.

Leaving in her stead six furry lives, her legacy to begin again.

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