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New Feature!!  Top of the List - MUST DOs
Watch the Dog Whisperer.  I really mean this!  If you don't watch it, I will know.  You will ask me all sorts of questions on training, that, while I'm glad to answer - let me know you skipped this very important homework.  Learn to think like a dog.  Don not train your dog to behave like a human; it won't work!
Use a crate.
Make puppy sit before every action - this teaches self control.
Teach sit by pushing chest/under neck backwards  NOT by pressing on the hind quarters!
Use quality foods only.
Visit the Vet right away.
Use cheery uplifted voice for good things, negative beeps for bads.
Treats are earned, not given just because puppy is cute.

Be harsh.
Overuse the word NO.
Jog with puppy.
Expose baby to the general population of dogs or people places until they are fully vaccinated.
Breed my babies!

Shopping List  - You might as well print this stuff out (do a right click copy and paste); I used to hand out paperwork, but this is easier for everyone and helps those who don't get a puppy from me, but still should know these valuable things.  I use Walmart, Petco, and Jeffersonline.....
Click here for JeffersPet.com

Water Bowl
-square at bottom is best, Goldens love to play in water and round bowls spill easily!
Food Bowl -shared bowls cause ‘resource guarding’, if you have another dog, each should have their own bowl.
- I don’t recommend retractable until your puppy is well trained!  You are in charge, a retractable leash puts puppy  in charge and teaches them they can roam anywhere
Break Away collar and name tag
-no buckle collars I will not allow you to put it on your puppy in my care! and a good metal name tag.  I like a tag and a microchip just to be safe.  Do not ONLY microchip as some shelter and people cannot 'read'' the chip (or know to have it read)
Crate- Get a wire type for large dogs and a good washable pad w/ cover.  Order Jeffers and consider the two door if you need to arrange it specially in your room.  Even by the time you pay the shipping, this turns out to be cheaper than a mega pet store product.  People like to change to the canvas crates or the 'softside' crates sometimes, but take my advice and do no put a young puppy in a softside crate.  You will be amazed how fast they can chew through it!
Comfort Companion
- an old stuffed animal or towel, it will get destroyed so don’t go buy one.  It is just to snuggle with for the first few days.  Bring it when you pick puppy up and we’ll rub it on Mom to get her scent - this helps a lot.  Snuggle puppy was invented for this reason - you decide if its worth the extra money or not.
Odor Rid
- carpet stain neutralizer; once they mark an area it will be the place to ‘go’ unless you get rid of odor.
Brush, clippers, book about obedience
- use good foods and you won’t have to brush all that often, though twice a week is considered the standard (I brush maybe once a month and NEVER get mats because of food and supplement quality)  Use clippers a lot early on and puppy will not mind it - don’t trim too close or it will bleed.  I just discovered the 'furminator' it is fantastic for pulling out the loose hair that would otherwise shed.  This is only a biweekly or once a month thing as you will pull off an entire dog at first.  I like the 2.6" size so you can get into the nooks and crannies!
- this used to be a ‘no-no’ for me, however I am now leaning towards it as an occasional benefit to teeth cleaning.  I would use only American top quality rawhide that has been sterilized.  The cheap ones are horrible and to be avoided - think of your baby chewing on a mad cow hide!  I love Jeffers American Beefhide products. This is a once a week treat or if it rains a lot and doggie is bored.
- This is for mental stimulation on a rainy day or while alone for a while in crate.  The stuffing is expensive - just get puppy their own jar of peanut butter and use that.  For puppies a little goes a long way.  As your dog reaches middle age though, cut down on it or go light as it is fatty. -

ORKA This was Snowy's favorite toy as a puppy.  It is a rubber chew toy with a rope through it.  She would dangle it out of her mouth and shake like mad.  They just love it.  My other guys like it; Snowy loved it!!
FURMINATOR- That is that is the expensive brand.  I have one and got it the cheapest on Amazon.com.  Frankly I saw one at Wal-mart that was called the 'fur buster' or some such and I'll bet is just as effective.  If you use the furminator once a week or so - you will never have a problem with mats as long as you are feeding a premium food.

A Message from Your Puppy

I am very sensitive, 'NO' hurts my feelings....please only use it when I am really bad or in danger.  Redirecting me is much easier to understand.
Please get me a wading pool if you don’t have a swimming pool - I am a water dog after all!
I will chew my pet bed to pieces right now - sorry; get a cheap one
I will cry all night for 2 nights when you bring me home, choose a time when you can be with me a lot
If you let me sleep with you, I will expect that forever!
Know who my vet is going to be, I want to meet him/her right away and get on a healthy program from the very start.
I must safely exercise daily; a walk, a run, a wrestle something that involves you!  I cannot do it on my own - I need you.
I will think a tennis ball is the perfect toy in a few months, but right now I will assume anything I can reach is a toy - keep me safe and help me to learn.
Discuss with my whole family how you are going to train me.  If you ALL do it the same way every single time I will learn fast.  I am capable of learning a lot of words, but teach them slowly.  SIT, OFF, OUTSIDE, POTTY, STAY, DOWN in that order please.  I will learn sit in an hour or two.
Reinforce my words with hand commands and its easier for me.
Before I understand your words, I will understand your tone of voice.  A bright cheery GOOD! for all good things, a deep throated Enhhhh! or beep for bad things.  If my feelings get hurt, just ignore it.  If I'm bad and you correct me, I look sad, and you pat me; I will be so confused!  Do not overuse the word NO!
As my pack leader, if you make me sit before every pat, walk, out of the crate, and activity; I will realize that all things that happen with you must be done in a calm manner looking to you for the directions I am to follow.
I will want 3 meals a day and access to water.  Every time I eat and drink it will involve a need to go outside immediately.  Don't feed me after 5 and no water after 7 and that will help me not go outside at night.   FOOD IN = FOOD OUT
Sorry for my accidents - teach me ‘outside’ at the door (or use door knob bells) and ‘go potty’ every time I do my business and I will learn so fast.  If I have an accident say ‘no, go outside’ and take me.
Successful housebreaking should happen in about 10 days if you are vigilant and consistent.  Look for opportunities to succeed.  Every time I eat, wake up, or every two hours are all guaranteed opportunities for success.  Walk me until I go.  I will do both every other walk!
Please don't give me treats for no reason.  I want to work for you and earn it.
Please tell your kids that I am not biting them, I'm exploring with my mouth and it's naughty.  Tell me 'no' or walk away!
Please have everything ready for me.  I don’t want to go to a pet store with you right now.  I will want to play, explore and then take a nap.

Hazard List Keep posted

Lucky Lady Farms  770-822-4584  Call me ANYTIME with a question or concern....this is for life! 

Your Vet’s #__________________________

Poisons to dogs:
Ant and Roach Baits
Rodenticides - either eaten or if the animal eats a rodent who’s eaten
Pseudoephedrine Cold Meds
Thyroid Hormones
Fertilizer - they are attracted to it because it contains bone meal, blood meal, etc.
Hydrocarbon paint, polish, fuel oils
Raisins - this is controversial some say they are, some say they aren’t WHY TAKE CHANCE

Dangers to Dogs:
Electrical cords - it doesn’t take long to chew one!
Slightly cracked doors - lead to trouble, cars, chewed items and children who either lose a favorite animal or get grounded because your new furniture is now ruined!
Cocoa Mulch or painted Mulch - don’t take the chance
Other dogs - that you don’t know or that are un vaccinated
Human foods - its addictive man!
Not being trained - I could give you a million reasons why this is dangerous!
Rabies!!! - It is fatal and easily preventable get and keep up on your rabies shot
Leaving a puppy alone and not in a crate - You wouldn’t go to the grocery and leave your baby crawling on the floor right?  Don’t leave your puppy.
Being left in a back yard on a regularized basis - they will find a way to get to you, destroy your house, and all training will end if you get in the habit of throwing them out as a puppy.  Once they are six months, this becomes acceptable IF they like the outdoors.  Some do, some don’t  **ALL Goldens must spend a lot of time with humans or they will be very unhappy!***