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Still part of our Family, but serving other families




Our most attentive and loving girl - Daphne.  From Denmark Kennel Spirit of Dreams' - sired by acclaimed Dane Champion Toto of Graceful Delight.  Her greatest desire is to be at your side and get a pat.  While usually this 'lay at your feet' mannerism is reserved for the boys, Daphne would truly be happiest if she was at your side always.  She has the softest, silkiest, fullest and most lustrous coat I have ever seen in an English.  She passes on a very gentle loving nature to her litters.
 Daphne is just such a loving soul!  Never harsh, just wants love.  Daphers has now retired and is being spoiled rotten by a family with two kids to love on her as much as she wants (which is all the time!LOL)




Chloe; my friend, partner and confidante!  I swear that dog knows exactly what I am saying to her.  She is retired now, but will have a place in my heart forever.  My teenager thinks I am nuts for talking to the dogs and is embarrassed when I do it outside lest the whole neighborhood also think I'm crazy - but I'm am certain that Chloe gets my meaning.  She is a loving patient soul, kind of like the best friend you've known since kindergarten.  She sympathizes when you are stressed, is gleeful when you are happy.  She will patiently wait in the background while everyone is begging for attention (which they will do 24/7 if possible!), and casually walk towards you when the frenzy is over.  If she feels like she has been overly patient and the other guys are taking advantage of her kind nature, she will move closer and lift her paw up to pat you on the leg and remind you that she HAS been waiting patiently! 

I think my heart will never fill the hole that Chloe put in it when she went to another family - but thankfully for me I know they love her as much as I do!